5 Main Infestation Spots Where Bed Bugs Are Generally Found

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January 24, 2018
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5 Main Infestation Spots Where Bed Bugs Are Generally Found


5 Main Infestation Spots Where Bed Bugs Are Generally Found

Bedbugs are the kind of hitchhikers who like to travel and hide in places which makes them easily attack the human blood. But, the question arises is that from where they get into the home. All have heard about the bedbugs living in hotels, there are also alternative habitats from where one can accidentally pick such pesky creatures. Without notifying you, they start attacking your body and make you go through severe allergic reaction. If you want to control bed bug infestation on time, then you must prepare yourself with few preventive measures.

Below are the few spots where the bed bug infestation found the most:

  • Retail Stores: In summer, goods in the retail shop are good hiding spot and are just waiting for moving the day along with clothes of the customers. For the buyers, it’s essential to check for all the possible purchases and some warning clues before bringing them to home.
  • Theaters: A movie theater is a real estate for the bugs as they like to reside inside the cushy seats and finally attracted with the human clothes for a meal. Before entering the home after a show, it’s better to check for infested signs that indicate bed bug presence.
  • Trains & Buses: Public transportation trains, buses, and planes are also perfect infestation spots for the small-sized bugs. Due to invisible appearance, they are completely hard to detect from the cozy seats. Make sure to adopt some precautions not to place bags on the bed or hire an exterminator for inspection.
  • Commercial Places: One can notice bed bug infestation in his office as they likely to reside inside the briefcases, boxes and business suits. For their elimination, it’s ideal to go with bed bug extermination services once in a month.
  • Public Libraries: If you are going to borrow books from the public library, then you make sure to check for blood stains on the pages before bringing into a home.

No matter, from where the bed bug infestation takes place, it’s essential to be prepared early. If you notice bed bug signs in your home, then you can hire our pest removal specialists at Niagara Pest Control for a long-term solution.

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